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 Enter your earnings history on this page, then click on the Run Report >> button. Each period of military service (from your SF-180) should be run separately.
Quick Interest Calculation:
Current Balance:  (prior to Anniversary Date)
Anniversary: (mm/dd) or (mm/dd/yyyy for earlier year)
Note: Only fill this section to see one year of interest calculated - the other sections are not required.
Full Interest Calculation:
Which Retirement System are you now in?:
Start Date of Civilian Employment:
Total Amount of Military Earnings:
Note: Enter the total of all your military basic pay that was not subject to FICA witholding. This amount would be lised on a completed SF 2801-1 that you received from your agency or on an RI 20-97. For more information, please refer to U.S. Office of Personnel Management website.

Special Case: If any of the above earnings were in 1999 or 2000, please enter the following:
Earnings which occurred in 1999:
Earnings which occurred in 2000:

P.L. 103-353 (USERRA 1994) Case: If civilian service was interrupted to serve in the military, please enter the following:
Amount that would have been deducted
in civilian service during same time period:

Optional Information:
ID Number:
Date of Birth:
 Active Duty Military Service: 
Note: If entered, this optional information will be printed with the report. The date range is for documentation purposes only and does not affect the interest calculation, which is based solely on the IAD (interest accrual date) derived from the civilian start date, above.
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