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Retirement Resources

Use these FREE Retirement Planning Calculators
You can calculate your own FERS, CSRS, TSP, and Military Deposits. And much more! Our exclusive Retirement Gap Calculator will also help you figure out if you are saving enough. Use the tools that the professionals use!

Click on the calculator below to start it up!

How Soon Can I Retire?
Find out the soonest possible date you can retire from Federal service and still claim a retirement annuity.
CSRS Annuity Calculator
Includes early retirement, deposits, redeposits, life insurance, sick-leave adjustments, and special rules for law enforcement, firefighters, and air traffic controllers.
FERS Annuity Calculator
Includes MRA+10, early retirement, FERS transfer, deposits, redeposits, part-time service, and special rules for law enforcement, firefighters, and air traffic controllers.
Full Retirement Analysis
Includes CSRS or FERS, FEGLI, Military Deposits, TSP Savings, and runs future scenario projections. Also, data can be saved to your computer and reloaded to the calculator later which will save you time the next time you run a scenario.
Thrift Savings Plan Calculator
How much will your savings will be worth in 5, 10, or 20 years? Includes formulas for the new L-Funds.
Military Deposit Calculator
Have military service, but no deductions were taken? This computes how much you will need to pay in to receive service credit.
Retirement Savings GAP Calculator
Are you saving enough for retirement? Run this calculator and find out!
Social Security Calculator
Don't wait for your annual statement from Uncle Sam! Find out how much your social security check will be at retirement.

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